About Us

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to go back to bed, pull the covers over your head, and quit your day job?

While visions of this momentary solitude rush through your head, you have a parent standing in the doorway of your home demanding that you feed her child “cocoa puffs” while handing you a screaming child. (Not to mention the green goop otherwise known as snot running down the child’s face….) The older child is chasing your cat with a bottle of glue that you had confiscated days ago and told the parent to leave at home.

You are standing there while everything around you seems to be in slow motion. You’re dressed in your jammies and pink bunny slippers, hair is sporting rollers, trying to disguise another bad hair day…. NOT because you weren’t prepared… This apparel nightmare became a reality when this parent arrived 2 hours before their contracted time without calling you to confirm.

Oh… and she also forgot her check book because her best friend’s brother’s neighbor’s dog slobbered on it, and therefore she didn’t have the money to pay you.
Now… you hear the squalls of your own infant from where he was peacefully sleeping in his room. The sound of the doorbell at the unsightly hour, woke him from a much needed rest. All the while the parent is still there mumbling something about having to fight rush hour traffic to go to a “real job” and how she would like to be able to stay home and do nothing like you do.

As you shut the door briskly behind the woman… you remind yourself what your chosen profession is. You are…. A Daycare Provider !!!

Does this scenario look familiar to you? You are not alone. Come join the ranks of daycare providers everywhere… Put on your pink bunny slippers, and relax with a cup of luke warm coffee… kick back and enjoy the rest of the site!

The Daycare Lady™ will show you how to keep from becoming “Stressed out like Stella.” We will share with you organizational tips, forms, and lots of other goodies designed to bring a smile to your face! :)

The Daycare Lady™ started out as an image on a cover of a book I had designed by Ashley from AMR Originals.com. The concept of designing a site specifically for childcare providers was born… with the artistic talent of Ashley to make the persona of The Daycare Lady ™ came alive…we have come full circle to the site we have here. This site is dedicated to all childcare professionals.

Enjoy your visit! :)

The Daycare Lady