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Alphabetical Listing of Childcare Forms

Paperwork Advisory Notice Parent Checklist Parent Enrollment Form
Parent Handbook Parent Handbook 2 Parent/Provider Contract
Parent Questionaire Parent/Provider Contract 2 Permission to Pickup
Part Time Childcare Contract Permission for Field Trip Permission for Trips
Permission to Photograph Permission to Photograph 2 Permission to Photo 3
Permission to Photo 4 Permission to Leave Daycare Permission to Administer
Permission to Swim Permission to use Sunscreen Phone Log
Phone Questionaire Photograph Authorization Form Physical
Physician Verification Form Potty Training Pick up Authorization
Probation Notice  

Rates and Positions Rates and Fees Record of Incident
Rate Increase Rates Record of Vacation/Sick Days
Regarding your Childcare Acct. Registration Forms Registration
Registration 2    


Sample Contract Sample Daily Plan Sample Grocery List
Sick Child Policy   Sign in Sheet
Sign in and out sheet Smoke Detector Checklist Sleeping / Shoes (pdf)
Staff Health Record (pdf) Staff CEU Record (pdf) Staff Record (pdf)
Story Illustration Form (pdf) Summary of Payments Sunscreen Release
Summary of Child Care Fees Summary of Payments 2  
Supply Note Supply List  

Telephone Interview Termination Notice Termination Notice 2
Termination Notice 3 Termination Notice 4 Termination Notice 5
Termination Notice 6 Termination Notice 7  
This Weeks Menu Toddler Social (pdf) Toddler Daily Report
Toilet Training Trampoline Release Transportation
Transportation 2 Transportation 3 Transportation 4
Travel Travel and Activity Authorization Tuition Due Notice

Unsafe Transportation Notice Vacation Notification Form Walk / Playground (pdf)
Water Play Weekly Toy Cleaning What I did Today
W-10 Year End Tax Statement Your Child Was Disciplined Today
Vehicle Inspection Report (pdf)    



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